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Hello Hero Edmonton Police Service

Hello Hero Edmonton Police Service
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Client: Dr. Jody Carrington


Dr. Jody Carrington wanted a video to use as part of her in-person speaker series celebrating and honouring first responders. Jody wanted to highlight a First Nations police officer who had overcome a difficult childhood in an effort to inspire others. She hoped the video would be both captivating and motivational to others in all professions. 


Working with a producer, we sat down with two members of the Edmonton Police Service for intimate interviews about overcoming obstacles. We also filmed a ride along with one of the officers to show some of the aspects of his job. We incorporated personal photos from the officer to pair with his recollection of his childhood and show his progression from scared child to confident police officer. Setting the video to the right music provided the tone the client was looking for and made the words more poignant. 


The video was played for thousands of attendees at Dr. Jody Carrington's 'Hello Heroes' event. We have subsequently worked with the client on multiple other projects for her online courses and events.

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