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Video Camera Lens

Frequently Asked

How do I know what services I need?

We're here to help! Set up a pre-production consultation and we can discuss your vision and how we can help you achieve it.  

How do I know how long my project will take to shoot or edit?

Each project is completely different and requires its own timeline. We will work with you to set expectations and will draft a proposed budget with the expected time needed to complete the work. 

How quickly can I expect my finished project?

Once video production is complete most videos can be finished within one week. This of course depends on the number of videos, length of videos and number of revisions.

How much is it going to cost me?

That is completely dependent on your project! We work hard with you to craft a budget that you are comfortable with.

Can I keep the footage?

The finished product is all yours to share and use as you wish! Unfortunately, we do not provide raw footage from any project. We do however keep multiple backups of all of the raw footage and project files for future use.

Does my video need 4K?

For most situations your video does not need to be 4K. However, Chad does shoot all of this project in 4K to maximize the potential during the video editing process. We can deliver your project in multiple formats to meet your specific needs.

What equipment do you use?

Chad is constantly upgrading his equipment to offer his clients the very best video quality.

Cameras: Sony FS5mii, Sony A7IV, DJI Mini 3 Pro and GoPro Hero 8

Lenses: Sony 50mm f/1.2 GM, Sony 24-105mm f/4.0 and Canon 24-105mm f/4.0

Audio: Sennheiser ME66 - K6 Shotgun, Sennheiser Ew 100 ENG G3, Saramonics UwMic9 and Rode VideoMic Pro

Lighting: Amaran 200x, Dracast LED500 Panels and Dracast BoltRay LED600

Other: DJI RS3 Gimbal, Teleprompter, and multiple other accessories

What is b-roll?

This is the eye-catching video that will play along with any voice over or music you want to incorporate. This could be video of your beautiful neighbourhood, photos of an event or graphics to supplement an explanation. B-roll is what makes your video watchable. Let us help you decide what we can show to captivate your audience!

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