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Reflex camera


Some situations just need to be captured in still form. With an expert eye behind the camera, your project will be captured in a timeless way. Whether you're wanting a video project to include photos or the photos will stand alone, Chad will give you clear and well thought out images to represent your vision. He will work with you to ensure the shots portray your event, product or story.

Benefits of Professional Photography

When using still photography, each image needs to tell its own story. Using a trained professional like Chad will ensure your photos are captured using the highest quality and delivered in the correct format. Other benefits of professional photography include:  

  • Photos are a great way to capture a moment in time 

  • Professional photography will allow for your project to be displayed in a variety of ways from online to in print

  • Your images are a great accompaniment to video when sharing your project on social media or other platforms

Capture your story. Professional photography will ensure your project is everlasting. 

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