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edmonton video pre-production

Video Pre-Production

The work behind a compelling video begins long before the camera is turned on. In video pre-production, Chad works with you to develop an effective strategy to determine how we will best present your story. This strategy includes working out your budget, timeline, and goals for the video project. 

Benefits of the Video Pre-Production 

There are a variety of benefits to beginning every video project with the pre-production planning stage.

  • Ensures both parties agree on the intended outcome of your video project 

  • Allows for brainstorming ideas on how to best present your story to yield the right results 

  • Generates a detailed list of the video elements needed to tell your story

  • Outlines a schedule for project milestones 

  • Ensures the project stays on track and is delivered on time 

Get Started

Here are a few questions to help you prepare for the video pre-production planning stage.

  1.  When do you need the video completed by?

  2.  When would you like to start shooting?

  3.  How long do you want the video to be?

  4.  Where will your video be viewed? (Website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Other)

  5.  Do you have someone writing a script or do you need the help of a video producer?

  6.  Will your video require graphics, text, logos, or captions?

  7.  Do you have a budget?

You have a story to tell. Chad's video pre-production ensures we have the right pieces to craft your story effectively and affordably.

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