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edmonton video production - video camera footage

Video Production

Once a strategy has been developed in the video pre-production stage, Chad captures the video needed to tell your story. Video production is about gathering the various pieces, including video footage, drone footage, music, and other elements of your video project. 


Video is recorded using the best 4K camera capabilities, along with professional lighting and audio equipment. But it is not just about the type of equipment used. Chad’s experience and creativity are woven into every piece of video to produce a truly unique finish for your project. 

Benefits of using Chad for Your Video Production

There are many video production companies to choose from. Here are some reasons to choose Chad K Productions: 

  • Over ten years experience in video-based storytelling 

  • Chad is a true collaborator, working directly with you to create compelling content 

  • Full video production experience, including planning, directing, shooting, scripting, and effective editing 

  • Highly creative and professional, producing video projects that meet your goals 

  • Flexible to work within any budget 

  • Skilled at interviewing and directing field content 

  • Create a unique perspective to your story to generate valuable interest and effective results 

Your story is important. Our video production service ensures we collect the right footage, applying our creativity and professionalism.

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