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Clo's General Leather

Clos General Leather
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Client: Clo's General Leather Co.


The client wanted a quick social media video showcasing their one-of-a kind products and the craftmanship involved in creating the high-quality leather goods. We wanted to show viewers the passion and attention to detail that go into each bag.


Using the natural lighting in the Mercer building, we focused on close up shots to highlight the beauty of the work being done. With so many unique tools being used in the shop, there was a tremendous amount of sound design on this project which allowed us to give viewers a sense of the atmosphere inside Clo's. Unique transitions during editing allowed us to quickly switch between eye-catching details and we animated the client's logo in a way that would make it memorable from the first viewing. 


Clo's General Leather Co. has now moved into a larger location and expanded his business, quickly becoming the producer of some of Edmonton's most unique and coveted products. 

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